Key For Hope

We collect and recycle unwanted keys to feed the hungry

You are the Key to ending hunger Donate Now

This is the key to unlocking hunger; this is Key for Hope, Thank you for your interest in the Key for Hope Foundation, The purpose of the Key for Hope Foundation is to fund and directly support local programs that help to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Our foundation makes direct contributions by raising money through key drives as well as direct key donations. The money acquired through this process is used to purchase food to directly support food pantries as well as directly contribute to other organizations that are committed to improving the lives of the impoverished. We aim to end hunger by recycling old/unused Key’s. Help us unlock hunger, one key at a time …

There are many opportunities for the public to get involved!

  •  Direct key donations
  •  KFH buckets, signage and supplies for cooperate, small business and local key drives
  •  Keys in the Classroom Program
  •  Keys on Campus Program
  •  And simply word of mouth, Spread the Word!”In the United States alone, millions of keys each year become obsolete and are then lost or thrown away. By recycling these keys and welcoming your donations, we can help eradicate hunger. “



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